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New Jersey osariigis on mänguautomaadid lubatud vaid Atlantic Citys tegutsevates kasiino-hotellides. Käsimakse tehakse sel juhul, kui väljamakstava summa suurus ületab mänguautomaadile seatud maksimaalse väljamakse piiri Eestis oli see osades kasiinodes kunagi ühikut ehk kroonise automaadi puhul krooni.

This method has proven to be a powerful tool for botanical authentication and in this study it was used to distinguish between three Actaea species prior to a more detailed chemical analysis using ultra high-performance liquid chromatography high-resolution mass spectrometry UHPLC—HRMS.

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Black cohosh has become increasingly popular as a dietary supplement in the United States for the treatment of symptoms related to menopause.

However, it has been known to be adulterated with the Asian Actaea dahurica Turcz.


Cimicifuga dahurica Turcz. Existing methods for identification of black cohosh Spongy asutused Suumi Dick differentiation of Actaea species are usually lengthy, laborious, and lack robustness, often based on the comparison of a few pre-selected components.

Chemical fingerprints were obtained for 77 black cohosh samples and their related species using FIMS in the negative ion mode.

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The analysis time for each sample was less than 2 min. All data were processed using principal component analysis PCA. FIMS fingerprints could readily differentiate all three species.

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Representative samples from each of the three species were further examined using UHPLC—MS to provide detailed profiles of the chemical differences between the three species and were compared to the PCA loadings. This study demonstrates a simple, fast, and easy analytical method that can be used to differentiate A.

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