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Kui sulle meeldib muster, võite tellida ise, näiteks tabletslat või teatud suuruse ja määratletud värvide pluus ning seejärel mõne päeva pärast maksate ja korja teie tellimuse. Trükikulud katab ülikool. Uus nimi pole muidugi tundmatu Ajalooline Ajakiri oli kahe maailmasõja vahelisel perioodil mainekas Eesti ajalooajakiri.

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Zhang, Dong; Yin, Dong; Song, Chenxi; Zhu, Chengang; Kirtane, Ajay J; Xu, Bo; Dou, Kefei The intentional strategy aggressive side branch SB protection strategy: elective two-stent strategy or jailed balloon technique is thought to be associated with lower SB occlusion rate than conventional strategy provisional two-stent strategy or jailed wire technique.

However, most previous studies showed comparable outcomes between the two strategies, probably due to no risk classification of SB occlusion when enrolling patients. There is still no randomised trial compared the intentional and conventional strategy when treating bifurcation lesions with high risk of SB occlusion.

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We aim to investigate if intentional strategy is associated with significant reduction of SB occlusion rate compared with conventional strategy in high-risk patients.

A total of 21 hospitals from 10 provinces in China participated in the present study.

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The primary endpoint is SB occlusion defined as any decrease in thrombolysis in myocardial infarction flow grade or absence of flow in SB after main vessel stenting.

All patients are followed up for month postdischarge.

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The protocol has been approved by all local ethics committee. The ethics committee have.